Forgive me Lord when I try to understand & help me remember you still have a plan™

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Forgive me Lord when I try to understand & help me remember you still have a plan™

Hand Stamped keychain will read, "Forgive me Lord when I try to understand and help me to remember you still have a plan." At the bottom you can add a name, date of birth and date of passing. Comes with a large angel wing charm. You can add birthstones for birth and date of passing if you would like.

Name for the bottom piece of the locket & DOB/DOP
Month- Birthstone 

Where did this quote come from? What is the story?....
My best childhood friend since 7th grade committed suicide in May 2014. I think I spent about 2 weeks beating myself up wondering why I didn't know..where was I and how come I wasn't there for her. I let life and the business of parenting and military lifestyle get the best of my friends and family. I quit "catching up" and maintaining friendships.

I will never forget this day. I kept seeing a bunch of pictures of us when we were little doing the limbo and silly things girls did at a young age. I was making fun of my hair and our clothes and being silly. I seriously thought it was like throwback Thursday or something because it was literally a Thursday. I just kept cracking jokes and cutting up on this social media platform and then finally one of my other super close friends messaged me and said, "You don't know do you?" Chessa died. I remember that night there was a nice thunderstorm. I laid on the couch and watched the lightning strike as beautiful as it was I knew she was making her grand entrance in heaven. She was the strong, bold and carefree girl. She was the mean-girl so to speak. Luckily she was my friend. I couldn't understand why such a brave and fierce, talented girl would take her life. I still to this day do not understand it. Although I can accept her thought process of why she did it I can't imagine her being in the frame of mind to actually go through with it.

This keychain I made for my sweet "other" mama who lost her child, my childhood best friend to suicide. It was the only thing I could tell her in the moment of complete destruction. God still has a plan for her life. He still has a plan for your life too.

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