There are two types of trademark infringement.  The first is when an infringing mark is identical to the mark.  The second type of infringement is based on similarity with the trademark.  Every circuit has set out different ways of evaluating whether a mark is likely to confuse the public.  The 9th circuit has set out a number of points that should be analyzed when deciding whether a mark is infringing.  These include: the strength of the mark; proximity of the goods; similarity of the marks; evidence of actual confusion; marketing channels; defendants intent on selecting the mark among other factors.
Heel Lilies™ and several items are in the process of being trademarked. Heel Lilies has serial numbers on all federally registered items submitted for trademark or copyright. If you would like to use one of our trademarked quotes for any reason please send a message to admin.  
Original Designs, Item and promotional photos, custom fonts, and item descriptions are intellectual property rights of Heel Lilies & may not be used for any reason without approval. Infringement on protected derivative works will be tactfully enforced with appropriate measures of force. When a trademark is infringed an action may be brought in a state court, if it is unregistered, or in a federal district court.


By purchasing any item you have agreed to the policies of Heel Lilies, LLC™