Every season tells a story. In this one I give him all the glory. I knew my life had a calling but I didn't know where or how. From the pits of my own darkness, nights of despair & the emptiness all led me to my surrender. I was born again. I was so ready to serve him but what I thought was the end of my journey was just the beginning of another story. I didn't know he had plans for more brokenness and the hard stuff but every season has a story. Right about the time I decided to follow Christ I lost my job as a single mother. It was really hard to see his plan working me out but this part was hard. It wasn't until my daughter fell from a 3rd story apartment window that my drive to work from home grew deeper. We spent the night in the hospital with our princess that told us the "angels lifted her up and set her down, lifted her back up and carried her to the ground." This part of the story I dedicate to my daughter, Adyson Jane. This little girl brings so much joy to my life. Not that my boys don't but everyone knows Brayden will be a world-changer or hopefully the world changes him into who God has called him to be. He has a mind of his own while Kameron is so much like me. His faith is strong and fierce. I know the calling on all of my children's lives are huge. The way they have impacted me is the reason Heel Lilies was born. My daughter, who learned her colors by wearing my different high heels always had them mismatched. The name Heel Lilies, came after I called her a heel billy for wearing mismatch everything...couldn't tell the girl anything! She so sweetly, repeated to me but instead of saying hill billy she said heel lilies. The name just stuck and so that is a little bit about us. The rest of our story is told in each hand-made piece of jewelry that I have and will create. Each piece will tell a part of me that was hard to reflect on but this time around I was given a message from all the mess I had myself in. (Jeremiah 29:11).  I believe in fairy tales and happy endings where the prince comes to save the princess.  I still believe in love and sloppy wet kisses that steal your heart underneath the moonlight.  I knew that my life was on the verge of something big when I stumbled into stamping.  While the beginning was scary I still believe our happy ending is coming for us.  With all the trials and tribulations of getting our own business going we have definitely had some set backs and obstacles to overcome.  We have faced the giants so to speak but we are still holding on.  We are holding on to a promise that God gave me.  In my desperate cry out to him to become a stay at home mother and work from home he gave me a promise that I will not be overtaken.  I hold on to that promise.  We are not after being rich or making tons of money but simply being a stay at home mom and now a home schooling mom that earns enough to feed the babies.  My dream is to one day have a non profit organization that will fund the disabled who are in need of rehab.  My father was a drug addict for 30 years and this past January we set out to get him help.  Not one single place would take him because he had medical needs they could not care for.  My dream is a ranch somewhere in Texas where healing takes place in the minds of the addicts.  Where people can come and find themselves doing day to day activities and finding their hobby.  I envision gardens and horses and a place where souls are saved.  That is my vision and that is the long term goal that pushes Heel Lilies to become more.  One day we will see God's plan take full action if it is according to His will and not mine.  Day in and day out I often want to quit because of the adversaries in life and the set backs by the sharks in this world but I hold on and press on!  I have even given it a slogan....PUSH BACK DARKNESS 2015!  Join me on this campaign by pushing back all the darkness in your life and let go and let God!  This is my dream!  This is my Vision!  This is my purpose!